Materials, Mediums & Media

Linda Shaffer Red Pearl Art

Over her 30+ years of creative exploration, Linda Shaffer has incorporated many different media and mediums— ranging from sculpture, pottery, painting, printmaking, calligraphy and fine jewelry to clothing design using recycled materials.

She began her artistic practice as a functional potter. From there she found herself drawn to life mask sculpture with exotic materials such as wood, gemstones and fiber.

As she explored the clay, she also found herself drawn to fine jewelry design and abstract painting.

After completing the Gemological Institute of America’s Graduate Jeweler program in 2010, she created the Red Pearl Art brand to encompass both her fine jewelry designs and mixed-media artwork.

Recently, she has favored the creation of large, abstract mixed-media paintings which aim to joyfully explore a playful interchange of surfaces, materials and contrasts.


Linda chooses her creative surfaces and materials based on their flexibility, impact and versatility.

As well as experimenting with creating on Davinci Pro Wood Panels and a wide variety of other surfaces— she most enjoys working on large, bespoke canvases which are often lovingly custom-built based on her unique design vision.

Paint, Pencil & Markings

She favors working in acrylic paint and enjoys experimenting with a sophisticated array of pigments, textures and choices.

Golden and Liquitex acrylic paints add rich, bold, body and luminous intensity to her work.

She enjoys experimentation with Caran D’Ache wax pastels, Le Plume pigmented markers, Prang watercolor, Prismacolor colored pencils, Lyra Graphitkreide graphite crayon, house paint, spray paint and Italian crayon.


The artist enjoys incorporating printmaking and exotic paper into both her large and small mixed media pieces.

Some papers and prints are custom created, while other paper elements are sourced worldwide.

She primarily uses Sumi and Higgins inks for calligraphy, while Stathmore, Bienfang and Awagami Factory make some of her favorite fine art papers.

Occasionally she uses Gelli Arts printing materials as well as traditional printmaking techniques.

She often makes her own paper and custom transfers which lend their own unique depth to her finished pieces. She explores the interchange between texture and unique finishes in the finished work.

Tools & Finishing Process

Linda’s use of creative tools is as varied as her choices of pigments and materials.

Her favorite brushes are crafted by Raphael, Princeton, Aqualon and Blick’s Studio. Occasionally she uses sandpaper, hotel card keys and other found materials to build texture and add unique surfaces.

Linda uses an exacting, several-step finishing process which incorporates Golden gloss medium, sanding and wax.

This finishing process lends a rich, multi-dimensional texture to the work— elevating the depth and contrast of her large, fine canvases.

All of the artist’s pieces are built with timeless quality in mind and the singular goal of providing pleasure to the beholder for years to come.

Each and every piece builds on her extensive body of work which transcends the visual and reaches into the emotional plane.

Linda Shaffer - Red Pearl Art