Linda Shaffer Red Pearl Art

Linda Shaffer

Red Pearl Art

Artist Statement

My work is deeply influenced by travel, exploration and experimentation.  Traveling to new destinations satisfies my passion for experiencing new colors and patterns found in world cultures, which I find exhilarating.  I am interested in exploring color and texture in each piece.  Experimenting with  unconventional materials keeps my creative process adventurous and fun.

I am inspired by the written word, so the first layer of each piece consists of my writing. Although these words may never be seen by the viewer they become foundational to each piece.

My journey continues.  I layer with different mediums which may change from piece to piece: house paint, visible text, mono prints, mark making, inks, rich color and papers.

The work grows as each layer builds on the next. I journey through each piece as a tiny explorer, experiencing the colors, words, light, secret windows and hidden doors I have created.

Red Pearl Art by Linda Shaffer