Artist Statement

Linda Shaffer Red Pearl Art

I strive to achieve courageous, multi-layered work which compels the viewer to see different paths and journeys each time they view it. I want people to experience the lasting emotion and fun surprises I leave in each piece.

Just as I enjoy taking journeys in the physical world, I delight in producing abstract works where the most common theme is the placement of windows, steps, doors, and pathways.

Each work begins as a journey with text, color, light, differences and texture.

My method involves experimentation with multiple mediums. Each piece incorporates multiple layers of text, mono prints, color and papers. As one layer addresses the undercurrents in the previous, the work grows organically in both depth and texture.

Each piece combines bits and pieces found in my everyday life and exotic materials, papers and found objects gathered throughout my travels.

Linda Shaffer - Red Pearl Art